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Benefits of yoga to stay sane in life


Yoga has been one of the most important practices that can help in all the aspects of life. Whether you are suffering from a dangerous disease or you want to have a beautiful skin. It can play an important role in life and give you a life changing experience. People going through stress or suffering from depression often go through yoga sessions to witness its beauty. It gives you a balance in life and also helps in improving your personality. Some of the top benefits of yoga are:

Stress relief: This is one of the most important factors as stress can be really harmful in the long term. There are huge amount of people around the world suffering from stress. The world yoga day can be a great moment to learn it and practice it in daily basis. There are various postures and asana that can help in detoxifying the body and releasing stress.

Weight loss: If you’re looking for an effective natural technique to lose weight then you should opt for yoga. You must make sure that you train under a professional. Whether it is a carpet installation or difficult yoga postures only a professional can help you learning that. There are Yoga practices named Kapal Bhati and Sun salutation that are two of the most effective weight loss practices. Along with this, yoga makes people very particular about the good they are eating and it automatically helps them in keeping their weight in check.

Improving flexibility: If you’re involved in sports or any dance activity then yoga can help you in keeping your body flexible and performing well. Performing yoga before and after your practice sessions keeps any kind of pain away and reduces any kind of injury. You need to be at your peak with both physical and mental fitness. Practicing yoga can be very effective in gaining the mental peace required during any sport. It tones your body muscles and improves your body posture.

Inner peace: You cannot expect to do well anywhere or teach others if you don’t have the inner peace required by the body. You can find peace within yourself and you don’t need to search it outside. It will calm your mind and help in attaining peace. After learning yoga and gaining the required level of peace people tend to start teaching others around them. This is another benefit of yoga. If you learn it from a professional and practice it regularly then you can start teaching others. There are huge amount of people who have started teaching others and become a professional yoga teacher.

Improvement in immunity: Lack of immunity is the sole reason behind various diseases, one of the most common being sold and cough allergy. By simple techniques and practices of yoga you can expect to improve the immunity in your body and fight external elements. It strengthens your muscles and gives power to your internal organs by bringing a sense of balance in your body.

Why Should You Consider Yoga to Gain Peace



The human mind is in a state of constant turmoil always fleeting and scampering around like a moth or a buttery unable to find equipoise. The quotation from Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’-The mind is its own place and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven’. So, understandably enough, you’ll have to control your mind in order to control your life. And nobody will challenge the assertion or fact that controlling the mind is the most difficult job in the world.

And perhaps the most effective way to keep your mind calm and composed is through yoga. Yoga was originally practiced by ascetics and yogis in ancient India for gaining full control over the mind. This primeval technique of concentration has made a comeback and is extremely popular in European and American countries. There are multiple yogic postures that one can practice for calming the mind and becoming more aware of your physical as well as mental states. The yogic posits which are known as ‘asanas’ in Sanskrit can go a long way in helping you to delve into the innermost recesses of your mind and attain a state of stillness.

When you’re mind is in complete equanimity, you become still and your composure is reflected on your mien. Yoga can help you to improve your focus or concentration on the work at hand as well as utilize and conserve your energy with greater efficiency. Since stress affects your involuntary breathing and normal composure, you can reduce the same by controlling how you inhale or exhale. The very act of attempting to form a yogic posture or asana requires you to attain a co-ordination between your body and breathing. Regularly performing a set of asanas can lead to an improvement in your mental focus and a refinement of inner peacefulness.



How to Have a Balance in Life

Individuals of all groups are spending more stressful lives nowadays compared to the past generations. Inability to strike a balance between work and everyday life is alleged to be the prime cause behind the stress. On one hand, schoolchildren, college and university students are having to cope with the anxiety to perform and on the other working individuals are constantly having to live with the risk of losing their jobs.

You might be aware that excessive or undue tension can have a toll on your physical and mental wellbeing. You certainly wouldn’t want stress to get the better of you and rule your life. Follow these tips to bring more tranquility to your life.

  1. Cut down on work or activities that add no value

You may never have made a conscious note of the time you waste working with a workmate or colleague who is lethargic or is more interesting in chatting. Also make a note of the time you spend socializing on the net and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the findings. If you consciously decide to cut back on interacting on automated social media sites, you’ll be able to able to complete your daily work on time and reach home earlier.

  1. Work Out Regularly

Exercising regularly and keeping yourself physically active will not only keep you rejuvenated throughout the day but also prevent you from getting stressed. Meditating for half an hour early in the morning can also work wonders. Working out regularly also keeps you mentally stimulated.

  1. Keep some time for yourself even on working days

Finding time for yourself during the five days of the working week might be daunting but you’ll be able to work much better if you can. Plan a late night movie with your spouse. Going out for dinner once in a while also helps spend valuable time with your better-half as well as offers her relief from the monotony of routine cooking.

  1. Take up a hobby or pastime

You still reminisce over those moments when you made a sketch or a drawing that was praised by one and all. You still remember playing for your high school soccer or basketball team. You can keep some hours aside for pursuing your interests or hobbies during the weekend.




Benefits of meditation in life

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The origin of meditation dates back to the period of ancient China and India where monks used to practice it sitting on the lap of nature. It actually represents an extreme level of concentration that seeks to develop a perfect balance between soul and body. In modern days its value and importance bears immense significance to lead a happy and healthy life with family and friends. Besides, meditation helps you to overcome stress and anxiety which are common problems of competitive professional world.

For proper meditation, you need to select such spot which is devoid of noise and air pollution. Then you need to seat comfortably keeping your spinal cord upright and straight along with closing your eyes. Then start focusing on your thoughts and take deep breathing so as to release your repressed feelings and other negative energies. On practicing it regularly you can reap benefits like:

  • Emotional stability
  • Improving the immune mechanism of the body
  • Stress reduction
  • Sound sleep
  • Inner peace of mind
  • Slowing down of the process of aging
  • Enhanced self confidence
  • Spiritual enlightenment
  • Improvement of fertility
  • Improvement in brain activity
  • Stabilizing weight and many more.

Believe it or not practicing meditation on a daily basis will totally transform your personality and help you to become a better person in the future. There are various institutes from where you can acquire the actual lessons and trainings on meditation to practice it at home. You must not give it up in the mid way for that can hinder your progress. It will take some time to obtain the desired results but once you stick to it permanently then you can automatically realize the difference inside you which is the actual progress indicator.