Relevance of counter intelligence in thwarting the steal of sensitive information

15. counterintelligence

It is a disturbing question which every nation faces when any sensitive information is revealed in the public domain by third party sources. But now in order to prevent such revelations, many nations are using the medium of counter intelligence. They are now using advanced software solutions in their computers for preventing the leakage sensitive information. Not only that, as a part of this measure they are also conducting surveillance on the personal devices of every employee. It is expected that in this way such sinister attempt can be easily prevented.

A brief introduction to corporate counterintelligence

12. Counterintelligence
The term corporate counterintelligence is just the opposite form of the commercial intelligence and commercial espionage. It can be simply described as another branch of intelligence. It has been devised for the objective of protecting commercial data. Many companies with the sole objective of scoring over one another are unethically engaged in data theft to a considerable extent. To thwart such unethical attempts many companies are increasingly relying on corporate counterintelligence as the sole remedy of such problem. The decision of adopting counterintelligence measures solely rests on the corporate executives and they must take a fast decision before its quite late.

Aspects of counterintelligence

After the revelation of the online espionage against Germany for quite sometimes the world will surely experience bitter relationship between the two countries again since the end Second World War. It can be easily assumed that the counterintelligence measure against US would be much higher compared to previous years. Though there is no official information was available on the sensitive data that is being obtained through espionage but according to Snowden’s exposure even the phone of the German Chancellor was also being monitored from the USA. No doubt it has already created a sensation in the country and as per the latest reports the domestic security service agency of Germany has stepped up the counterintelligence measures to thwart any further threat from the US. Now important governmental conference does take place after a thorough checking of the delegates to wipe out any scope of espionage.

Even for high level meetings the ministers need to deposit their smartphones before the commencement of the discussions. Security establishments are devising new software to thwart any unauthorized virus attack to steal sensitive documents of the nation. Cryptophones are now being used after this sensational incident and this device provides effective protection from data theft and eavesdropping. For discussing sensitive matters ministers do not use phones rather they meet face to face. Attempt has also been initiated to conduct surprise inspection of the computers and files of the public employees. Besides effort is also taking to spot the traitors and punish them heavily. The fear of espionage is also looming heavily on the German consulates in US also and hence it has been asked to follow the due procedures to eradicate the chance for any such spying. The counterintelligence initiative of Germany must be hailed as a model for other countries affected with online espionage and data theft.


The concept of counterintelligence

Counterintelligence has its own appeal as a separate branch of study. It mainly involves data gathering and activities undertaken to thwart foreign threats of destroying and stealing of sensitive information. To describe more vividly counterintelligence mainly involves assessing, identifying and neutralizing the intelligence threats of foreign countries. The techniques of counterintelligence measures including multiple tactical functions are mainly coordinated through the specialized units of CIA, FBI and other intelligence departments of USA. Not only the protection of national security but also the protection of essential corporate data is well fitted in the concept of counterintelligence. Many reputed commercial firms are also feeling the heat of data stealing of their sensitive commercial information. There are three parameters on which a counterintelligence mission would be based. These three conditions mainly include when the threat of foreign intelligence cannot be thwarted through temporary measures, when the intelligence threats involve complete advantage over United States and when there develops a system that allows fulfillment of common strategic objective.

Counterintelligence mission is also essential for eradicating the scope of further intelligence threats from foreign countries and terrorist organisations. In this regard it is important to highlight that intelligence operations of foreign nations has become much technologically sophisticated, much aggressive, much diffuse and much successful against USA than before. In recent years there has been an increasing attempt of intelligence operations in the border of USA. Attempt to penetrate on the online network of the US administration is in full swing to obtain sensitive national information. In this scenario the most urgent step could have been a counterintelligence mission. However it is infested with complicated problems. The most apparent problem is bureaucratic delay in obtaining necessary permission for such counter operation. Other problem includes persuading the Congress to express their solidarity with the effort.



Role of Counter Intelligence

  •  Terrorism is a growing threat to the present and future generation. There is a role played by counter intelligence to fight terrorism by eliminating its strategic and tactical impact. It provides accurate and timely information about the enemy or potential enemy. There are both active and passive steps undertaken to a reasonable level for denying valuable information to the enemy. Counter intelligence gradually exposes the conditions which may be exploited and gives warning about enemy actions. As a result, it increases uncertainty for the enemies and assists in the implementation of proper security plans.Enemies and rivals are not limited to borders and other countries. In the corporate world, the prevalence of extreme competitiveness has taken the war for supremacy to a different level. Companies and organization are constantly feeling the need to collect information about competitors. Similarly, in order to protect the intelligence, there is a need to develop a similar approach. Valuable trade secrets should be protected at any cost to avoid intelligence infiltration. Those aiming to obtain intelligence of their competitors and rivals have several procedures at their disposal. Some people are well trained in the art of stealing valuable trade information. They tend to apply all possible means for infiltrating the organization and collect the necessary information at will. It is an attempt to utilize this information in business strategy to benefit the client and bring rewards. It is better to act first with a proactive approach and think later to protect the valuable information. Those seeking useful information interview people who are suitable for the job. Huge rewards are at stake for obtaining insider information with all sorts of unethical means. Many companies have a secret counter intelligence team working towards prevention of enemy infiltration. It is important provided if the sensitive information goes unnoticed, it may bring disastrous consequences.

International Business

The international business world has become extremely competitive and organizations are more than protect their intelligence through a counter intelligence team. One company I know of is  They sell radios for classic cars and trucks all of the worldSimilarly, they are also gathering information from different sources about their competitors. It offers a significant defensive function engaging security and counter-espionage. The focus of targeting a foreign intelligence services is to monitor and analyze processes which can be modeled. As soon as it has been modeled, it should be approached in a way allowing an upper hand to the rival intelligence team. Thus, the counter intelligence professionals need apply proper methodologies for discovering secrets which are kept secret actively.

Professionals within a counter intelligence group have expertise in different procedures and intelligence methodologies. Their sole focus is the prevention of enemy infiltration from obtaining secret intelligence vital for failure or success. These expert professionals receive comprehensive training to think like an intruder, guess their upcoming move and implement best possible counter measures. Usually those with an intention of obtaining intelligence tend to have several methods at their personal disposal. Some of them have expertise in stealing sensitive and valuable information.

There is no point in waiting to let it happen and the period of prevention and protection begins at this juncture. Often infiltrators are equipped with the latest technology for accomplishing their unethical mission. They are primarily seeking insider data such as economic, military and political status and developments. Thus, the counter intelligence training value is growing with the passage of time. Blackmail, bribery and interviewing approachable enemy men are some of the techniques adopted. If some or even few methods go unnoticed, it can make a huge difference and lead to a doomed future. Well trained, qualified and experienced counter intelligence professionals have the expertise to defend from sides by executing proven defence techniques of preventing intelligence infiltration.

Counter Intelligence in the Competitive World of Business

Counter intelligence in the competitive world of business


Counter intelligence serves as a potent weapon for a country’s government and military. A different kind of counter intelligence also exists in business circles. It can be a purposeful analytical activity aimed at reaching certain conclusions in order to make significant decisions for future actions. The existence of intense competition in the global business world is evident in the activities focused on achieving supremacy. It may turn out to be ugly, ruthless and brutal at times for those involved in such wars. Companies and business enterprises must collect intelligence about their rivals, range of products & services and other things. Competitors tend to adopt a similar approach for counter intelligence is one of main elements of success.


In the present scenario, private companies, corporations and organizations seek information on habits, behaviors, conversations, social media posts, likes and dislikes. They don’t get accurate information through shopping habits and questioning the public in general. Professionals within the counter intelligence group usually have expertise in certain measures and procedures in the intelligence field. They receive extensive training to read the mind of the competitor, predict their moves and implement the counter measures. These professionals are ready for action from both the sides of fence. Thus, it’s a unique field that requires proper education and comprehensive training.


Knowledge is power and it is quite evident in counterintelligence. Developing a secret plan or series of steps which guarantee success to anyone who have access is not enough. The awareness that such a vital secret needs to be protected from all sorts of methodical infiltrations is equally important. This could be fruitful in making a massive difference between failure and success. Business rivals tend to have methods at their disposal to steal the valuable intelligence of each other. They stop at nothing to infiltrate and collect sensitive information for benefit and rewards.


Many unethical activities of rivals may go unnoticed in this regard. They can install monitoring systems in a way which is almost impossible to detect. It all seems normal and simple things like pens, desk and tables may be fitted with devices to ensure authentic audio-visual access for 24 hours a day. If it goes unnoticed, this may lead to leakage or transferring of sensitive data which may bring disastrous consequences later. Thus, counter intelligence activities serve as defense against unethical and often illegitimate infiltration to prevent business harm. A well trained team of professionals can be decisive of a firm’s growth and existence in future.

Counter Intelligence

Counter Intelligence

The term counter intelligence mainly emphasise the process of securing sensitive personal and financial information from the ambit of secret stealing and transferring it to any third party source. It is often employed to prevent espionage on multi-national companies that contain sensitive financial and product related information in the hard disks of the computers. Many rival firms for the purpose of stealing new concepts and to have unauthorized entry into the financial accounts of other companies do employ specialised hackers for such purpose. On the contrary such firms in order to thwart these sinister attempts either change their account password or keep the new concept in a secured location which is generally known as counter intelligence. Many business firms through these techniques have been able to protect their sensitive documents successfully from the clutches of the rival companies. It is mainly comprised of three principal categories and these include offensive counter intelligence, collective counter intelligence and defensive counter intelligence.

In recent times many illegal organisations have tried to exact sensitive information on national security from different governmental agencies. However, there attempts have been thoroughly thwarted by the government of USA. Even many financial institutions like International Monetary Fund, World Back have been threatened with unauthorized access into their private documents. Fortunately because of their secured online protection there occurs no breach or illegal access of such sensitive information. Government has started many initiatives to tackle this menace. So it has now started a compulsory training course on counter intelligence in every department and has received great response from the staffs and bureaucrats as well. Besides, proper actions against such unauthorized organisations have also been taken to prevent such commencement of acts. Ordinary persons are now been suggested to use safe version of transfer protocol to prevent any such illegal entry into their computer networks.